Laser Eye Surgery Procedure

Varied uses of Laser Eye Surgery Procedure in various areas of life in the past few years is the medicinal uses are the most sophisticated and useful to humans. It has been used in various types of lasers in treating many diseases, but also in the prevention of the occurrence of this disease in yet others. The laser applications in ophthalmology witnessed an example of what this kind of treatment of the evolution and diversity.
The following highlight the different uses, whether therapeutic or preventive Laser Eye Surgery Procedure.

Of the eyelids and tear ducts
Some types of lasers used to remove the types of appendages of the eyelid skin and some cosmetic surgery to flatten the skin of the lids, plastic and uses a certain type of laser with a special dye in the treatment of severe drought of the eye through the tear ducts closed slots permanently.

It is the most parts of the eye used for the Laser Eye Surgery Procedure is used in the treatment of the cornea is also used in the treatment of refractive errors (myopia –astigmatism) and by many of the techniques the most important technical LASIK and technical LASEK in some cases that do not allow the conduct of LASIK such as irregular surface of the cornea and astigmatism severe cases and cases of lack of corneal thickness on the rates of nature It is noteworthy that the patient should be subject to thorough examinations before the eye so as to ensure an excellent result and no complications.

Uses a Laser Eye Surgery Procedure to remove the cataract leading to surgery through a cut should not exceed 1.2 mm and the result is that the patient regain the ability to work on the same day with a clarity of vision and lack of pain after the operation.
Also used a laser to remove Darkness
which may consist of the portfolio back of the lens after cataract and installation of industrial lens inside the eye where that Darkness often to a decrease in visual acuity after cataract surgeries.

Blue Water
Use a Laser Eye Surgery Procedure in the prevention, treatment and follow-up to the blue waters as follows:
- Prevention of a blue water through a hole in the iris of the eye
This procedure is after careful examination of the angle the eye and determine the depth of the Treasury front of the eye and to test the patient who will benefit in an optimal way of lasers.
You can also use the same procedure for the treatment of some cases of glaucoma, such as secondary glaucoma associated with occlusion of the pupil.
Is also used radiation for the treatment of open angle glaucoma is the most common form of glaucoma, by laser correction directly to the angle of anterior chamber of the eye, the part responsible for the discharge means of the eye.

And is also used Laser Eye Surgery Procedure in advanced cases or incurable and by shedding a laser beam on the cells of the body that produce the means of the eye and this method involves some risks, but this must exhaust all other remedies before resorting to this type of treatment.
Uses a laser to remove some sutures from the wound associated with glaucoma surgery in order to control over the discharge of liquid eye under the conjunctiva after surgery, leading to control eye pressure, a desired outcome of all types of treatments for glaucoma.

The use of Laser Eye Surgery Procedure in retinal diseases:
Reflect the laser beams are prohibitive only blindness in some retinal diseases such as cases of affected retina as a result of diabetes in these cases must understand the patient's well the role of the laser is to prevent deterioration of the consideration due to complications such as bleeding retina and retinal detachment, and not improve the consideration but to maintain the consideration of available through the prevention of these complications through the conversion of cell network starved of oxygen to the cells do not need oxygen, disrupting agent the blood vessels patients are bleeding inside the eye and the weakness of one of the most types of glaucoma resistant to treatment is the blue waters resulting from the of blood vessels to a patient in the eye and the angle.
And is often the treatment through multiple sessions are often from one session to three sessions for each eye until the full treatment of the retina to injury is no longer sick again.


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