Characterized by eye natural that its refractive approximately equal in all directions horizontally and vertically, and over 360 degrees, but in the case of astigmatism force becomes refractive uneven, thereby creating what is called astigmatism, and many of the patients the deviation at a 90 degree angle of any vertically, and this means that refractive power of the eye vertically stronger than horizontally. In other cases, the deviation of any horizontally at an angle 180 degrees, or tilted at an angle of 60 degrees or 145 degrees, and in all cases, the stronger the deviation increased visual impairment.

The case of astigmatism is a case of double vision and blurred vision, and occurs because the cornea does not collect rays of light, image and sent to the retina properly, resulting in a failure to clear vision with a bit of cataracts sometimes, in some cases the person can see the major horizontal of things, but without the capacity to distinguish features vertical to them. any situation is due to the irregular surface of the cornea or lens is to be the axes is not equal, Deteriorating light rays entering the eye, to varying degrees in different axes of the cornea and lens, and the points collected adjacent to the line rather than collected in the focal point and one to be the final image distorted and sharp, especially if associated with errors of refractive other nearsightedness or beyond, and this increases the degree of low vision reduces the ability to study and conservation significantly, a child is a headache, fatigue, feeling sluggish and heavy eyelids, laziness, and increasingly has the contract mental condition worsened becoming more and more of its failure to peers and fail his exam in the exam, Laser Eye Surgery For Astigmatism and important diagnosis of the child in a very early, even before entering school.

Different symptoms of astigmatism according to severity, if increased by one degree, it is considered normal, and if increased to two or three degrees may cause the lack of a simple vision, but if you arrived to a large degree, it causes severe lack of vision.

The main reason Laser Eye Surgery For Astigmatism
Is that the cornea be of irregular shape, resulting in the deflection of the rays of light as it passes Cornea and of course result in the dispersion relative to radiation leads to lack of clarity of the image or losing some of its features .. usually be the shape of the cornea oval, but in the case of Laser Eye Surgery For Astigmatism transforming into a spherical shape circular, resulting in an imbalance in the rays of light assembly And get a bug in the vision.

The causes of Laser Eye Surgery For Astigmatism
- Birth defect in the shape of the cornea, and injuries that lead to the rupture of the cornea.
- An injury or an earlier incident of the cornea.
- Chronic inflammation of the cornea has not been processed correctly.
- Deviation in the lens.
- Diabetes.
- High blood pressure.
- Cone cornea.
- Surgery, such as corneal transplant surgery or eradication of white water.

What is the appropriate age for the procedure?
Minimum age appropriate for the procedure is the age of eighteen, because the size of deviations refractive often proves that age, note that there is no maximum age for such cases. If you do not change size glasses within six months of wear and age was exceeded eighth Ten, it becomes possible to perform a Laser Eye Surgery For Astigmatism.

Is Laser Eye Surgery For Astigmatism painful?
During the operation there is no pain; because the patient will be under the influence of drops drugs. After the operation there may be pain light during the twenty four hours first and especially in the early hours with an increase in the secretion of tears, do not bear the light. As if it exceeds the degree of pain this limit For Review the patient's doctor at the earliest opportunity.

Do Laser Eye Surgery For Astigmatism and LASIK operations a temporary or permanent?
Aim of these operations is to correct the refractive defect forever and not a temporary basis. The decrease in vision after considering the stability and the lapse of the first three months is very unlikely, especially among persons with small sizes and fixed.

Does LASIK on the measurement of eye pressure?
Any patient presents the process of LASIK should be measuring eye pressure had before the operation; and to make sure that free eye of the blue water, which might prevent the procedure. It was found through a number of published studies that measure the eye pressure was reduced by several degrees after the operation though it is not a real decrease, but the lack of thickness of the cornea lead to a change in pressure measurement.

What is the impact of LASIK dry eye?
Studies found that there is a drought occurs temporarily after Lasik operations, and moisturizing drops are used for the treatment of this drought, which often disappear among the first and second month after the operation.

Eye Squint Surgery

What is Strabismus?

Strabismus is a visual defect in which the eyes not offer regular and seem to see the different directions. It may be this remarkable lack of integrity or he may always appears and disappears. Where one of the eyes directed forwards directly, while the other eye deviates inward or outward, or up or down. Note that the eye upright deviant may sometimes appear straight eye deviation sometimes. And is Eye Squint Surgery is a common condition affecting children and stands 0.5% in males and females alike, as well as a possibility at a later stage of life, taking into account the fact that the year may affect more than one individual in the family or that might affect people who have no relatives living with this situation .

Vision using both eyes
normal in a healthy person, where the eyes tend to the same visual target. The Centre for Sight in the brain integrate the two pictures into one image three-dimensional (stereo image). Eye Squint Surgery When one eye deviates or become a non-integrity, it results in sending two different images to the brain. The young children affected by this situation, the brain to receive the image transmitted from the eye that provides better visibility and ignores the image from the other eye, and this causes low vision in the eye is not straight (laziness Visual) with some loss of ability to perceive the third dimension of vision (stereo image ).
For those adults who develop strabismus, are often have double vision because the brain due to receive pictures memoranda from both eyes, and therefore can not ignore the image from the eye is not straight.

Lazy eye
Failure to the integrity of the eyes in childhood may cause decline in capacity optical or laziness in one eye, where the brain receives the image from the eye that sees better, ignoring the image from the eye of others straight or lazy, and this happens with half of children with strabismus approx. May be treated by the laziness of the eye by covering the eye that provides vision best for the child in order Eye Squint Surgery to improve the visual ability of the eye weaker.

Causes and symptoms of strabismus
Common causes of about as follows:
* Infection may occur as a result of hereditary factors,
* Or after sight,
* Loss of sight in one eye, which usually happens as a result of injury to specific diseases.
* It may also be damage to nerves in the eye muscles specific cause of injury strabismus.
Eye Squint Surgery ,There are six muscles controlling eye movement, these muscles are connected to the external part of the eye. In order to install and focus both eyes on the goal of visible and one must be a balance and coordination of work between the six muscles in each eye.

Detection and diagnosis of the situation
Should be an examination of children by a specialist doctor during the early stages of childhood, especially before they enter school, in order to detect any possibility of the presence of eye diseases. This is all important if a relative suffer from the presence on or lazy eye. It is worth mentioning that he had observed in some infants and there is about as a result of the fact that they have a broad nose and a fold in the eyelid, which may obscure the eye by staring at it may appear as if their eyes on the so-called false strabismus. This situation is improving with the growth of the child, while the year do not improve with the real growth of the child if it exceeds four months old. Eye Squint Surgery The eye doctor can distinguish real cases of the year, so you must examine the child in case of doubt about the existence of the child's eye.

The purpose of the treatment of strabismus
is as follows:
1 - To maintain the visual ability of the eye.
2 - achieving the integrity of the eyes.
3 - the ability to restore vision in both eyes simultaneously.
The different treatment of strabismus from case to case depending on the reason leading to the injury, where treatment may include the use of eyeglasses or Eye Squint Surgery to modify the development of eye muscles, or eradication of cataract (lens of the eye dark), or correct any other defects are the cause of deviation of the eye normal. In the light of in-kind comprehensive examination of the parts of the internal and external eye, eye doctor determines the quality of treatment appropriate to the situation, whether visually or treated medically or surgically, may require treatment that combines two or more of these treatments. In addition to covering the sound eye to improve visual ability in the affected eye if necessary.

Eye Squint Surgery
That strabismus surgery does not require eye out, it may be necessary to perform the surgery in one eye or both. That Eye Squint Surgery for children requires the use of anesthesia either with the full adult patients can use local anesthesia. And the need will continue to wear prismatic glasses or contact lenses after surgery. Correction might occur plus or minus correction of about, which may require a second operation. It is recommended early surgical intervention to correct strabismus in infants where the possibility of growth of normal vision in both eyes may be realized as soon as the integrity of the eyes. And this is the timing of the Eye Squint Surgery by the ophthalmologist by-case basis that strabismus surgery is like any other surgery where it can be some complications such as bleeding or infections, etc. .. However, in general, surgery is the year of surgery is safe and effective treatment for cases of non-integrity of the eyes, should be noted, however, it is not a substitute for the use of eyeglasses or remedies to cases of lazy eye.

Botox injection
Botox is a drug and a new drug has been used recently as an alternative to Eye Squint Surgery, the eye muscles of some patients with strabismus. When injecting the drug into the muscle of the eye, occurs twice a temporary relaxation of a muscle causing the muscle to pull the interview and thus integrity of the eye. Although the effects of this drug usually fades after several weeks, the achievement of integrity in the eye may continue in some patients permanently.

Wrinkles Under The Eyes

There are two different types of Wrinkles Under The Eyes. Those that appear below the eyes, and those that appear around the eyes
There are many reasons for the development and appearance of these Wrinkles Under The Eyes early, and surprisingly, it has evolved without feeling it.
Therefore, it is better to act to prevent them before they emerge.

The sun is the largest contributor to the emergence of Wrinkles Under The Eyes. In fact, you can not avoid this factor, because most girls and young women adored the sun without being aware of the risks and effects on the skin. Whatever your age, you can start using sun protection cream to remove wrinkles and slow down the wrinkles and stop the current development for the worse.

If you Do not use sunglasses, it is likely that you are trying to close its eyes by clicking on it to prevent the entry of the sun directly in your eyes and this process caused the beginning of the appearance of fine lines around the sun. Remember that wearing a pair of sunglasses on sunny days and sunny means less exposure to the weather and more relaxed the muscles around the eye. Same applies to advice on the use of glasses if you suffer from vision problems and ease the strain the muscles surrounding the eye is constantly causing the appearance of Wrinkles Under The Eyes early.

Another reason for the appearance of Wrinkles Under The Eyes, dry skin. If your skin is dry, you should think about the use of special-wrinkle cream is placed in the vicinity of the eye that contains anti-oxidant. Start it in their twenties. Prevention is always better than cure. Remember there is no specific age for the beginning, you can start at any age.

Stress also contributes to the appearance of Wrinkles Under The Eyes. Stress may be caused by smoking, lack of sleep or sleep for short periods or busy lifestyles (among other causes of stress). May not occur to you that you focus, and are using your hands on your eyes as a result of constant stress,, but nothing is too delicate skin around eyes, every time you're a strained muscle, or rubbing the eye, left small traces on the eye, may develop lines and wrinkles outstanding! Monitor your yourself and make sure that the muscles of your face relaxed and try to minimize the rubbing of the eyes.

Diet can play a role also in the wrinkles. Studies have shown and confirmed that sugar intake is very detrimental health, especially of waist circumference, and it is causing the dullness of the skin, and the appearance of wrinkles early. This is because the sugar destroying collagen, the basic material in the skin, if you would like to reduce these Wrinkles Under The Eyes and tablespoon sugar and one small enough for this day.

But this not only makes sugar the only enemy of the skin, there is a long list of foods that are harmful to skin and health, such as fast foods, and fried, and canned foods that lack the nutrients essential nutrients they contain, for example fresh fruits and vegetables that provide antioxidants. Antioxidants help to reduce Wrinkles Under The Eyes and fine lines, around the eyes and face to the fullest.

And let's not forget the aging process, which contribute to the appearance of laugh lines and crows feet around the eye. With age, the skin becomes less coherent and unraveling of collagen. You can maintain the cohesion of the skin using a cream with a high quality of the circumference of the eye.

Not necessarily be a result of eye wrinkles of aging. But your style in dealing with your skin that will determine when and where and how many Wrinkles Under The Eyes that will appear on your face around your eyes.
Prevention is the solution.

Tips to hide the Wrinkles Under The Eyes:
1 Do not put powder on the eyelid.
2 Put make up on top lid only.
3 sprinkle of mineral water on the face after the completion of the make-up.
4 Keep the area around the
eye cream in your wallet so you can moisturize and revitalize the area in the middle of the day.
5 Put cream to hide black in the dark areas of the face by a cream base.

Reduce Eye Puffiness

The most important causes:

Lack of sleep
If you are staying and enjoying the opponents to sleep early, this course will appear in the form of swelling of the area beneath the eye. Reduce Eye Puffiness Simple and logical solution is to get more sleep, failing that, the treatment is simple and available. Develop a national tea bags after cooling on the eyes for ten minutes, that will ease the swelling a lot.

Eating too much salt
Eating salty foods lead to increased consumption of salt from the body, thus forcing the body to store water to compensate for the shortfall is within this region places the bottom of the eye. Therefore,
Reduce Eye Puffiness reducing consumption leads to the disappearance of the bottom of these pockets bulging eyes.

Caffeine and Alcohol
The consumption of these substances leads to the formation of the burden on the liver, which helps the body get rid of waste. These toxins in the body is one of the most important reasons for the existence of black beneath the eyes. So try to reduce as much as possible of these materials and national drinking two liters of water a day to help your body to get rid of these toxins to Reduce Eye Puffiness.

Storage of body fluids
The sleep on your back during sleep,
leading to the body maintains its fluid, especially in pockets beneath the eyes. To remedy this problem try using a pillow to raise the level of additional head a little, it will lead to alleviation of the problem Reduce Eye Puffiness.

The other hand, if you have dark circle around the eyes is most likely cause you to aesthetic and psychological problem, and there is no specific treatment for it so far, and their causes may be genetic or acquired.

May be nasal congestion cause of dark color, which may be to ensure the cause of the strong reasons for the emergence of the Black Halos, as well as a few sports, smoking, stress, irritability, nervous, or contraction of vascular blood, or overexposure to the sun or the menstrual cycle or pregnancy
or constipation, or otherwise.

Here's what helps to mitigate Reduce Eye Puffiness:
- Sports Outdoor increase the level of oxygen in the blood that gives bright red in color and gives the skin color and rosy.

- Strive to sleep early because each hour of sleep the night before the tenth Beauty doubly benefit compared to sleep after midnight.
- Non-smoking, because nicotine leads to arrest of blood vessels, leading to dark skin color, and also lead to carbon compounds reduce the amount of oxygen in the blood, skin color becomes turbulent.

- Lack of exposure to sunlight for a long time, if we must, in the ends of the day, although it is not held together by cream filtering the sun's harmful rays.
- Washing the face make-up before going to sleep.
- Use cream lightens the skin.
- Eating large amounts of water or fluids in the form of natural fruit juices and avoid foreign materials on the body and skin like the colors in the industrial soft drinks and foods and sodas. Reduction of fries, canned foods or frozen.

- Reduce Eye Puffiness If there is blue around your eyes in this case is preferable not to resort to brow Halos and replace the traditional preparation as attention colored treating the vicinity of the eye all day long thanks to the plant components and hide that color over the terrible manifestations of fatigue. This product is enough to put the small touches and then stroked it towards the outside to get the look perfectly normal.

Eyelid Surgery Upper

eyelid surgery Upper is one of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures, to remove excess fat in this region, or flabby skin on the eyelid due to age.

This may result in an improvement of this treatment problems became public:
1 - excess skin on the eyelid upper, which is usually called (the cover of the eyelid upper).
2 - swelling in the corner of the internal or middle of the eyelid, which caused fat to push forward.
Often this procedure coincides with other remedial actions, such as cosmetic lower eyelid, face-lift and can have with a laser or chemical peels to reshape the cell face and remove wrinkles.

What are the main results of this treatment?
The treatment of the eyelid surgery Upper of the eye leads to surprising results in changing the facial features, and reduce the appearance of fatigue and aging. Show the appearance of the eye refreshed and younger, and these results last for several years.
The degree of improvement in one patient to another.

What will happen when the initial consultation?
When the initial consultation, will you and the consultant would like to discuss what impact a change in your appearance, and will explain the method of treatment and its work, and the risks and potential side effects, and explain the anesthesia.
It also will ask for your medical history, and if you subject to any treatment, or have any health problems, and then will do a test of the skin and fat around the eye on, check the level of consideration, the stream of tears, and peripheral vision and you should be informed of any problems encountered in the consideration or dry eyes.
Feel free to ask any question going on in your mind.

How is the method of treatment?
Consists of the eyelid Upper of the eye of the layers of normal skin, the excess skin and fat is removed, and are narrow and muscle (orbital septum). Is surgical closure of holes with great caution.
As for the surgical openings covered naturally by external layers of the skin of the eyelid surgery Upper .

How long does this treatment of time?
Treatment usually takes the eyelid Upper of one hour to three hours, depending on the technology used for treatment and breadth of the treated area.

What amount of pain associated with this treatment?

You will feel some discomfort around the area of treatment with a feeling of slight discomfort in the first two days of surgery. The use of a painkiller if necessary.

The recovery period varies from one patient to another, it is possible to return to your daily activities and light any time soon.

What can be expected after eyelid surgery Upper?
After eyelid surgery Upper, the doctor will put an ointment or cream to ease the drought in the treated area. (It is possible that your opinion is confused because of this ointment temporarily).
On the first night after treatment, you should lie down and your head to remain raised to the top. And can use bags of ice to cool the eyelid. (Avoid putting anything heavy on the lids).

In the first week you should avoid any activity that leads to dry eye, such as reading, watching TV, or wearing contact lenses or use the computer.
Also, avoid whitening eyes for a long time, because it may lead to increased swelling.

You should wear dark sunglasses to avoid the sun and to protect the eye from the air for at least two weeks. That might be eye tired for several weeks, use of fallow nap.

In the first three weeks or four, you should avoid any activity that may lead to increased blood flow to the eye, including bending, weeping, Sports.

Small scars may remain close to the color pink during the first six months, but could be covered by make-up, cosmetics, and eventually they disappear with the skin can not see it.

The removal of fat permanently, but the sagging skin or superficial wrinkles may reappear in the future. Despite advancing age, most patients will re-make their appearance after the surgery.