Laser Eye Surgery For Astigmatism

Characterized by eye natural that its refractive approximately equal in all directions horizontally and vertically, and over 360 degrees, but in the case of astigmatism force becomes refractive uneven, thereby creating what is called astigmatism, and many of the patients the deviation at a 90 degree angle of any vertically, and this means that refractive power of the eye vertically stronger than horizontally. In other cases, the deviation of any horizontally at an angle 180 degrees, or tilted at an angle of 60 degrees or 145 degrees, and in all cases, the stronger the deviation increased visual impairment.

The case of astigmatism is a case of double vision and blurred vision, and occurs because the cornea does not collect rays of light, image and sent to the retina properly, resulting in a failure to clear vision with a bit of cataracts sometimes, in some cases the person can see the major horizontal of things, but without the capacity to distinguish features vertical to them. any situation is due to the irregular surface of the cornea or lens is to be the axes is not equal, Deteriorating light rays entering the eye, to varying degrees in different axes of the cornea and lens, and the points collected adjacent to the line rather than collected in the focal point and one to be the final image distorted and sharp, especially if associated with errors of refractive other nearsightedness or beyond, and this increases the degree of low vision reduces the ability to study and conservation significantly, a child is a headache, fatigue, feeling sluggish and heavy eyelids, laziness, and increasingly has the contract mental condition worsened becoming more and more of its failure to peers and fail his exam in the exam, Laser Eye Surgery For Astigmatism and important diagnosis of the child in a very early, even before entering school.

Different symptoms of astigmatism according to severity, if increased by one degree, it is considered normal, and if increased to two or three degrees may cause the lack of a simple vision, but if you arrived to a large degree, it causes severe lack of vision.

The main reason Laser Eye Surgery For Astigmatism
Is that the cornea be of irregular shape, resulting in the deflection of the rays of light as it passes Cornea and of course result in the dispersion relative to radiation leads to lack of clarity of the image or losing some of its features .. usually be the shape of the cornea oval, but in the case of Laser Eye Surgery For Astigmatism transforming into a spherical shape circular, resulting in an imbalance in the rays of light assembly And get a bug in the vision.

The causes of Laser Eye Surgery For Astigmatism
- Birth defect in the shape of the cornea, and injuries that lead to the rupture of the cornea.
- An injury or an earlier incident of the cornea.
- Chronic inflammation of the cornea has not been processed correctly.
- Deviation in the lens.
- Diabetes.
- High blood pressure.
- Cone cornea.
- Surgery, such as corneal transplant surgery or eradication of white water.

What is the appropriate age for the procedure?
Minimum age appropriate for the procedure is the age of eighteen, because the size of deviations refractive often proves that age, note that there is no maximum age for such cases. If you do not change size glasses within six months of wear and age was exceeded eighth Ten, it becomes possible to perform a Laser Eye Surgery For Astigmatism.

Is Laser Eye Surgery For Astigmatism painful?
During the operation there is no pain; because the patient will be under the influence of drops drugs. After the operation there may be pain light during the twenty four hours first and especially in the early hours with an increase in the secretion of tears, do not bear the light. As if it exceeds the degree of pain this limit For Review the patient's doctor at the earliest opportunity.

Do Laser Eye Surgery For Astigmatism and LASIK operations a temporary or permanent?
Aim of these operations is to correct the refractive defect forever and not a temporary basis. The decrease in vision after considering the stability and the lapse of the first three months is very unlikely, especially among persons with small sizes and fixed.

Does LASIK on the measurement of eye pressure?
Any patient presents the process of LASIK should be measuring eye pressure had before the operation; and to make sure that free eye of the blue water, which might prevent the procedure. It was found through a number of published studies that measure the eye pressure was reduced by several degrees after the operation though it is not a real decrease, but the lack of thickness of the cornea lead to a change in pressure measurement.

What is the impact of LASIK dry eye?
Studies found that there is a drought occurs temporarily after Lasik operations, and moisturizing drops are used for the treatment of this drought, which often disappear among the first and second month after the operation.


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