Wrinkles Under The Eyes

There are two different types of Wrinkles Under The Eyes. Those that appear below the eyes, and those that appear around the eyes
There are many reasons for the development and appearance of these Wrinkles Under The Eyes early, and surprisingly, it has evolved without feeling it.
Therefore, it is better to act to prevent them before they emerge.

The sun is the largest contributor to the emergence of Wrinkles Under The Eyes. In fact, you can not avoid this factor, because most girls and young women adored the sun without being aware of the risks and effects on the skin. Whatever your age, you can start using sun protection cream to remove wrinkles and slow down the wrinkles and stop the current development for the worse.

If you Do not use sunglasses, it is likely that you are trying to close its eyes by clicking on it to prevent the entry of the sun directly in your eyes and this process caused the beginning of the appearance of fine lines around the sun. Remember that wearing a pair of sunglasses on sunny days and sunny means less exposure to the weather and more relaxed the muscles around the eye. Same applies to advice on the use of glasses if you suffer from vision problems and ease the strain the muscles surrounding the eye is constantly causing the appearance of Wrinkles Under The Eyes early.

Another reason for the appearance of Wrinkles Under The Eyes, dry skin. If your skin is dry, you should think about the use of special-wrinkle cream is placed in the vicinity of the eye that contains anti-oxidant. Start it in their twenties. Prevention is always better than cure. Remember there is no specific age for the beginning, you can start at any age.

Stress also contributes to the appearance of Wrinkles Under The Eyes. Stress may be caused by smoking, lack of sleep or sleep for short periods or busy lifestyles (among other causes of stress). May not occur to you that you focus, and are using your hands on your eyes as a result of constant stress,, but nothing is too delicate skin around eyes, every time you're a strained muscle, or rubbing the eye, left small traces on the eye, may develop lines and wrinkles outstanding! Monitor your yourself and make sure that the muscles of your face relaxed and try to minimize the rubbing of the eyes.

Diet can play a role also in the wrinkles. Studies have shown and confirmed that sugar intake is very detrimental health, especially of waist circumference, and it is causing the dullness of the skin, and the appearance of wrinkles early. This is because the sugar destroying collagen, the basic material in the skin, if you would like to reduce these Wrinkles Under The Eyes and tablespoon sugar and one small enough for this day.

But this not only makes sugar the only enemy of the skin, there is a long list of foods that are harmful to skin and health, such as fast foods, and fried, and canned foods that lack the nutrients essential nutrients they contain, for example fresh fruits and vegetables that provide antioxidants. Antioxidants help to reduce Wrinkles Under The Eyes and fine lines, around the eyes and face to the fullest.

And let's not forget the aging process, which contribute to the appearance of laugh lines and crows feet around the eye. With age, the skin becomes less coherent and unraveling of collagen. You can maintain the cohesion of the skin using a cream with a high quality of the circumference of the eye.

Not necessarily be a result of eye wrinkles of aging. But your style in dealing with your skin that will determine when and where and how many Wrinkles Under The Eyes that will appear on your face around your eyes.
Prevention is the solution.

Tips to hide the Wrinkles Under The Eyes:
1 Do not put powder on the eyelid.
2 Put make up on top lid only.
3 sprinkle of mineral water on the face after the completion of the make-up.
4 Keep the area around the
eye cream in your wallet so you can moisturize and revitalize the area in the middle of the day.
5 Put cream to hide black in the dark areas of the face by a cream base.


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