Reduce Eye Puffiness

The most important causes:

Lack of sleep
If you are staying and enjoying the opponents to sleep early, this course will appear in the form of swelling of the area beneath the eye. Reduce Eye Puffiness Simple and logical solution is to get more sleep, failing that, the treatment is simple and available. Develop a national tea bags after cooling on the eyes for ten minutes, that will ease the swelling a lot.

Eating too much salt
Eating salty foods lead to increased consumption of salt from the body, thus forcing the body to store water to compensate for the shortfall is within this region places the bottom of the eye. Therefore,
Reduce Eye Puffiness reducing consumption leads to the disappearance of the bottom of these pockets bulging eyes.

Caffeine and Alcohol
The consumption of these substances leads to the formation of the burden on the liver, which helps the body get rid of waste. These toxins in the body is one of the most important reasons for the existence of black beneath the eyes. So try to reduce as much as possible of these materials and national drinking two liters of water a day to help your body to get rid of these toxins to Reduce Eye Puffiness.

Storage of body fluids
The sleep on your back during sleep,
leading to the body maintains its fluid, especially in pockets beneath the eyes. To remedy this problem try using a pillow to raise the level of additional head a little, it will lead to alleviation of the problem Reduce Eye Puffiness.

The other hand, if you have dark circle around the eyes is most likely cause you to aesthetic and psychological problem, and there is no specific treatment for it so far, and their causes may be genetic or acquired.

May be nasal congestion cause of dark color, which may be to ensure the cause of the strong reasons for the emergence of the Black Halos, as well as a few sports, smoking, stress, irritability, nervous, or contraction of vascular blood, or overexposure to the sun or the menstrual cycle or pregnancy
or constipation, or otherwise.

Here's what helps to mitigate Reduce Eye Puffiness:
- Sports Outdoor increase the level of oxygen in the blood that gives bright red in color and gives the skin color and rosy.

- Strive to sleep early because each hour of sleep the night before the tenth Beauty doubly benefit compared to sleep after midnight.
- Non-smoking, because nicotine leads to arrest of blood vessels, leading to dark skin color, and also lead to carbon compounds reduce the amount of oxygen in the blood, skin color becomes turbulent.

- Lack of exposure to sunlight for a long time, if we must, in the ends of the day, although it is not held together by cream filtering the sun's harmful rays.
- Washing the face make-up before going to sleep.
- Use cream lightens the skin.
- Eating large amounts of water or fluids in the form of natural fruit juices and avoid foreign materials on the body and skin like the colors in the industrial soft drinks and foods and sodas. Reduction of fries, canned foods or frozen.

- Reduce Eye Puffiness If there is blue around your eyes in this case is preferable not to resort to brow Halos and replace the traditional preparation as attention colored treating the vicinity of the eye all day long thanks to the plant components and hide that color over the terrible manifestations of fatigue. This product is enough to put the small touches and then stroked it towards the outside to get the look perfectly normal.


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