Eye Squint Surgery

What is Strabismus?

Strabismus is a visual defect in which the eyes not offer regular and seem to see the different directions. It may be this remarkable lack of integrity or he may always appears and disappears. Where one of the eyes directed forwards directly, while the other eye deviates inward or outward, or up or down. Note that the eye upright deviant may sometimes appear straight eye deviation sometimes. And is Eye Squint Surgery is a common condition affecting children and stands 0.5% in males and females alike, as well as a possibility at a later stage of life, taking into account the fact that the year may affect more than one individual in the family or that might affect people who have no relatives living with this situation .

Vision using both eyes
normal in a healthy person, where the eyes tend to the same visual target. The Centre for Sight in the brain integrate the two pictures into one image three-dimensional (stereo image). Eye Squint Surgery When one eye deviates or become a non-integrity, it results in sending two different images to the brain. The young children affected by this situation, the brain to receive the image transmitted from the eye that provides better visibility and ignores the image from the other eye, and this causes low vision in the eye is not straight (laziness Visual) with some loss of ability to perceive the third dimension of vision (stereo image ).
For those adults who develop strabismus, are often have double vision because the brain due to receive pictures memoranda from both eyes, and therefore can not ignore the image from the eye is not straight.

Lazy eye
Failure to the integrity of the eyes in childhood may cause decline in capacity optical or laziness in one eye, where the brain receives the image from the eye that sees better, ignoring the image from the eye of others straight or lazy, and this happens with half of children with strabismus approx. May be treated by the laziness of the eye by covering the eye that provides vision best for the child in order Eye Squint Surgery to improve the visual ability of the eye weaker.

Causes and symptoms of strabismus
Common causes of about as follows:
* Infection may occur as a result of hereditary factors,
* Or after sight,
* Loss of sight in one eye, which usually happens as a result of injury to specific diseases.
* It may also be damage to nerves in the eye muscles specific cause of injury strabismus.
Eye Squint Surgery ,There are six muscles controlling eye movement, these muscles are connected to the external part of the eye. In order to install and focus both eyes on the goal of visible and one must be a balance and coordination of work between the six muscles in each eye.

Detection and diagnosis of the situation
Should be an examination of children by a specialist doctor during the early stages of childhood, especially before they enter school, in order to detect any possibility of the presence of eye diseases. This is all important if a relative suffer from the presence on or lazy eye. It is worth mentioning that he had observed in some infants and there is about as a result of the fact that they have a broad nose and a fold in the eyelid, which may obscure the eye by staring at it may appear as if their eyes on the so-called false strabismus. This situation is improving with the growth of the child, while the year do not improve with the real growth of the child if it exceeds four months old. Eye Squint Surgery The eye doctor can distinguish real cases of the year, so you must examine the child in case of doubt about the existence of the child's eye.

The purpose of the treatment of strabismus
is as follows:
1 - To maintain the visual ability of the eye.
2 - achieving the integrity of the eyes.
3 - the ability to restore vision in both eyes simultaneously.
The different treatment of strabismus from case to case depending on the reason leading to the injury, where treatment may include the use of eyeglasses or Eye Squint Surgery to modify the development of eye muscles, or eradication of cataract (lens of the eye dark), or correct any other defects are the cause of deviation of the eye normal. In the light of in-kind comprehensive examination of the parts of the internal and external eye, eye doctor determines the quality of treatment appropriate to the situation, whether visually or treated medically or surgically, may require treatment that combines two or more of these treatments. In addition to covering the sound eye to improve visual ability in the affected eye if necessary.

Eye Squint Surgery
That strabismus surgery does not require eye out, it may be necessary to perform the surgery in one eye or both. That Eye Squint Surgery for children requires the use of anesthesia either with the full adult patients can use local anesthesia. And the need will continue to wear prismatic glasses or contact lenses after surgery. Correction might occur plus or minus correction of about, which may require a second operation. It is recommended early surgical intervention to correct strabismus in infants where the possibility of growth of normal vision in both eyes may be realized as soon as the integrity of the eyes. And this is the timing of the Eye Squint Surgery by the ophthalmologist by-case basis that strabismus surgery is like any other surgery where it can be some complications such as bleeding or infections, etc. .. However, in general, surgery is the year of surgery is safe and effective treatment for cases of non-integrity of the eyes, should be noted, however, it is not a substitute for the use of eyeglasses or remedies to cases of lazy eye.

Botox injection
Botox is a drug and a new drug has been used recently as an alternative to Eye Squint Surgery, the eye muscles of some patients with strabismus. When injecting the drug into the muscle of the eye, occurs twice a temporary relaxation of a muscle causing the muscle to pull the interview and thus integrity of the eye. Although the effects of this drug usually fades after several weeks, the achievement of integrity in the eye may continue in some patients permanently.


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